American Bulldog Puppies | Labrador Retriever Puppies | Southern Territory Pups of Georgia
American Bulldog Puppies | Labrador Retriever Puppies | Southern Territory Pups of Georgia
Southern Territory Pups​​​
WARNING !!!   You can "Follow" us on FB, BUT FB frequently puts breeders in "FB Jail".  They do not allow puppy sales unless breeder pays to advertise.  ** That's what I call Extortion **    Best to follow our website for up-to-date info.  

Your pet deserves the BEST. Give your LOVE back with NuVet products.   NuVet products are produced for the  health and well being of your Best Friend a/k/a "Furbaby" for all ages and stages of life.  ​​

NuVet Plus supplement helps protect and strengthen their immune system.  Pets are faced with a lifetime of exposure to backyard pesticides, fertilizers, bacteria, pollutants in the air and common household toxins in our every day cleaners and air freshners.  

NuVet Joint  and NuVet Joint DS are also great products.   NuVet Joint is made to promote healthy hips & joints.   NuVet Joint can help puppies as they develop and grow, but as they age it can be very beneficial by helping to keep joints lubricated and promote rebuilding of cartlage.   

​​​​ WAIT !!!   Don't be a good Mom or Dad ... Be a GREAT one ... 
​​​​ BE PREPARED ... Don't forget to keep some ear cleaner on hand.  Many cleaners will cause discomfort to your baby so they will become difficult when they see it's time. ​​

NuVet Ear Cleaner has proven itself to be a blessing.  After couple cleanings our babies realized it's not like "the rest".  No pain, discomfort or battle to clean ears.

​Give it a try, you won't regret.
Don't stop short when it comes to the Health and Well being of your Pet.  Love Your baby as yourself.  
NuVet products are uniquely made in USA with natural "Human Grade" ingredients at a FDA registered pharmaceutical lab.   
​​​​NOTICE ... NuVet products are to enhance and support the health and well being of your Pet.   They are NOT intended to replace Vaccines.   

Make sure your Pet gets their proper Rabies Shots and Vaccines as recommended by a Licensed Veterinarian.